Welcome to Mosweu Productions.

We are glad you found us.

The fact that you're here, we’re going to assume you're recently engaged and looking for a wedding cinematographer and/or photographer. Well, if so.... CONGRATS! This is awesome news. You must be super excited. 

So what's it like working with Mosweu Productions, what can you expect?

You see, for us, our service  is more than simply documenting the events of the day. It's an opportunity to capture truly great memories and provide our clients with a tangible reminder of their day... therefore, it requires insight, intuition and the ability to connect with people on an emotional level.

Our Cinematography and photography services stem from our love of storytelling- and it's based on the pure joy we see and feel for the bride and groom and for what a wedding symbolises- the gift of love and opportunity to share yourself with another person unconditionally. In short, it's an extremely rewarding experience.

And with that in mind, our goal is to do more than just capturing the single moments of your wedding in a series of photographs. We visually narrate the story of the day you got married... Our approach helps us to create an atmosphere of romance, poignancy, joy and playfulness – through storytelling cinematography and/or photography.

If thats sound interesting to you we look forward to hear from you… or even meet you in person, because that’s when you’ll see what our portfolio can’t show you.